2015 Lone Star Canterbury Rally winners Ben Hunt and Tony Rawstorn

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10th July 2016

Grass Autocross #3

*DATE CHANGE* Unfortunately the date has had to move to 10 July and will replace Makerikeri Rd Gravel Sprint. An old favourite Kaiwara Rd Gravel Sprint will be run on 6 Nov. More info soon...


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5th June 2016

Lone Star Canterbury Rally

Lone Star Joes Garage Brian Green Property Group

Ben Hunt winner of the Lone Star Canterbury Rally 2015







2016 Lone Star Canterbury Rally

5th June

Rally Spectator Maps are now out for round 3 of the 2016 NZ Rally Championship, the 2016 Lone Star Canterbury Rally on the 5th of June comprises of 168km of special stages in the Ashley and Okuku Forests with 278km of touring. Saturday night the rally cars will be on display from 4:30 - 6:30pm at Lone Star, Manchester St. Grab a poster and get it signed at the Driver Signing Session at 5.00pm before the NZRC Top 5 Start Order Selection. Sunday morning the first rally car starts from Joe's Garage, Rangiora at 7:40am on Sunday morning and finishes 5:30pm at Lone Star, Manchester St, Christchurch. So get your gumboots on, grab a beanie and jacket and come out to watch some great rock throwing, fast and sideways entertainment! Read more...


22nd May 2016

Cust Gravel Sprint

2016 Cust Gravel Sprint

Our second sprint for the 2016 season was Cust Gravel Sprint on 5km of fast Canterbury public gravel roads. Congratulations to David Quantock in his Evo 8 who took out the overall win by just 0.05 seconds, edging out Matt Penrose in his WRX who was comfortably leading until the last run. Job Quantock in his Evo 7 took third place 1.8 seconds adrift of Penrose. Congratulations to our class winners Graham Wilson 0-1300cc class 1, Josh Marston 1301-1600cc class 2 and Ross Teesdale 1601+cc class 3. Read more...


11th May 2016

Toast & Roast Graham Wilson






Come along to celebrate our club president and hear some stories of his antics over the years from friends and family. This is our popular main social event for the year. Don't miss it! Free nibbles provided. All are welcome to attend, you don't have to be a club member. 7:30pm Lone Star, Manchester St, Christchurch. Read more...


17th Apr 2016

Autocross #2 Okuku

Congratulations to Karl Celeste for taking out 1st overall in his Mini, just able to hold off a late charge from Matt Penrose in 2nd place who got lost on run 1. An impressive Darryl Malloch had to fight a close battle for 3rd. Well done to our class winners Adrian Harris in his Moke Class 1 0-1300cc, Matthew Sisson in his Familia Class 2 1301-1600cc, Ari Pettigrew in his BMW Class 3, Jeff Judd in his WRX Class 4 4WD, Ben Gill in his WRX Class 5 Road Car.. Read more...


6th Mar 2016

Hot Action at Rakaia Zig Zag Gravel Sprint

Congratulations to Job Quantock in his Evo 7 for taking out the win overall on the last run by 0.4 seconds from a rapid Matt Penrose in his ex-Trevor Crowe WRX. Well done to our class winners Chris Herdman Starlet 0-1300cc, David Fahey Escort 1301-1600cc and Wade Henshaw RX7 1601cc+ Read more...


17th Feb 2016

AGM Prize Giving

Autosport club president Graham Wilson's report and minutes from the AGM are now on our website. It was a great evening to catch up with mates before the season really gets busy. We welcome Les Summerfield to the committee and say thanks to Chris Herdman for stepping up for the role of vice-president. 2016 will be Graham Wilson's 10th year at the helm and what a fantastic job he does, putting in huge volunteer hours. Congrats again to all our club champions for the 2015 season. Read more...


14th Feb 2016

Autocross #1 Okuku

It was a great start to 2016, a return to the Okuku Autocross paddock with 31 entries! It was a hot and dusty day with a very fast and flowing course. Very competitive times across the whole field made it a tense battle, great fun! Congratulations to Matt Summerfield for taking out 1st overall in Barry Varcoe's Celica, ahead of second equal Ari Pettigrew BMW 318 and Neil Gardner BZR7 (Lotus 7 replica) by 3 seconds over the three courses. Read more...


22nd November 2015

Autocross #4 Okuku

Okuku Autocross

It was a very dusty last event for the 2015 season at the Okuku autocross. A huge field of 33 competitors lined up to have a skid on the grass. Fun was had by all. Congratulations to Chris Herdman who beat the field by a massive 11 seconds, leaving Jayden Tainui and Josh Mitchell behind in second and third respectively. Read more...


8th November 2015

Mt Thomas Gravel Sprint

2015 Mt Thomas Gravel Sprint Results

A great piece of 4km forestry road, Mt Thomas was an awesome, last sprint for the season. A new piece of road was used so it was exciting to watch the times tumble. Congratulations to Mike Tall for taking out 1st overall, Gary Hawkes 1st 4WD class 4, Rob McCallum 1st 2WD +1600cc, Josh Mitchell 1st 2WD 1301-1600cc and Chris Herdman 1st 2WD 0-1300cc. Read more...


5 September 2015

Water View Cars Royce Watson Memorial Hanmer Rally

Hanmer Rally

It was a beautiful, sunny day at the Water View Cars Royce Watson Memorial Hanmer Rally 2015. 46 teams took on the 65 k’s of special stages in the great forestry roads. Congratulations to our overall winners and defending champs Matt Summerfield and Michael Crawley. Results are on ChrisSport.co.nz Read more...

Hanmer Rally Map


23 August 2015

Superior Drive was needed at Cust Gravel Sprint

NEW! Video & article on the Cust Gravel Sprint. It was a great event in the sunshine with 43 drivers competing. Congrats to Mike Tall for winning 1st overall and class winners Chris Herdman 0-1300cc, Jacob Ewing  1301-1600cc class, Rob McCallum 1600cc+ and Gary Hawkes winner of the 4WD's.  Read more...


12 August 2015

Toast and Roast of Garry Cliff

It was another one of our popular Toast and Roast evenings – this time our guest star is Cliffy. As usual we had a bunch of speakers telling stories from Cliffy’s past and celebrating his successes. After more than 40 years in race overalls, there was plenty to tell. Thanks to those who shared their stories which were enjoyed by all. This will be the only Toast and Roast in 2015 – who will be next years guest star? Read more...


12 July 2015

Auchenflower Rd Rally Sprint

2015 Auchenflower Rd Rally Sprint With 9 km of smooth gravel, three bridges, fast straights and fast, blind brows, Auchenflower Rd is a challenge. Congratulations to overall winner Mike Tall, Chris Herdman winner of class 1 , Garry Cowan winner of class 2, Deane Buist winner of class 3 and David Clearwater winner of class 4. Read more...

21 June 2015

Grass Autocross #3

Twenty three drivers learned some car control skills and raced around a paddock in our third Autocross for the 2015 season. For $20 it's incredibly cheap fun and great way to becoming a better driver on the road. Congratulations to Mike Pentecost who won overall in his works-replica Mini.  Read more...


30/31 May 2015

Lone Star Canterbury Rally

Lone Star Joes Garage Brian Green Property Group

NZ Rally ChampionshipBen Hunt winner of the Lone Star Canterbury Rally 2015







2015 Lone Star Canterbury Rally

30th/31st May

It was a challenging weekend for many. So great to see smiling faces at the end of the rally. Congratulations to overall winners Ben Hunt and Tony Rawstorn. Go to chrissport.co.nz for results. Round 3 of the 2015 NZ Rally Championship, the 2015 Lone Star Canterbury Rally on the 30th/31st of May comprised of ten special stages over 171km in the Ashley and Okuku Forests. The event started with the opening ceremony at Lone Star, Manchester St, Christchurch on Saturday night followed by two exciting night stages. On Sunday the cars began from Rangiora and completed eight more stages with servicing in the Rangiora council car park. Teams toured back to the finishing ceremony and prizegiving back at Lone Star on Manchester St, Christchurch. Read more...


2015 Lone Star Canterbury Rally Map


Greg Murphy made his rallying debut in a Ford!

Greg Murphy Rally Debut Greg Murphy Rally Debut





V8 Supercars legend Greg Murphy made his rallying debut in the New Zealand Rally Championship, driving a Ford Escort. Murphy drove in the Historic class of the Lone Star Canterbury Rally with local team Stadium Motorsport. Photo by Euan Cameron. Read more...


17 May 2015

Onepunga Rd Gravel Sprint

It was a great opportunity for teams to test their machines before the Lone Star Canterbury Rally at Onepunga rd, 3.7km of awesome gravel. Congratulations to overall winner Mike Tall and class winners; Chris Herdman class 1 (0-1300cc), Brent Buist class 2 (1301-1600cc), Glenn Buist class 3 (1601+cc) and Darryl Campbell class 4 (4WD). Read more...


26 Apr 2015

Ram Paddock Rd Gravel Sprint

2015 Ram Paddock Rd Gravel Sprint

Our first gravel sprint for the season was an old favourite road, Ram Paddock Rd. A huge field of 43 entries lined up to take on the gravel. Congratulations to Matt Summerfield overall winner, Chris Herdman first in class 1 (0-1300cc), Brent Buist winner of class 2 (1301-1600cc), Ross Teesdale winner of class 3 (1601+cc) and Jeff Judd winner of class 4 (4WD). Read more...


19 Apr 2015

Grass Autocross #2

Grass Autocross

It was a great day to learn some car control skills and race around a paddock in our second Autocross for the 2015 season. Congratulations to Matt Penrose who took out top spot, first overall. For $20 it's cheap fun and a great way to shake down your car before a big event.  Read more...


8 Mar 2015

Grass Autocross #1

2015-03-8th Autocross #1

It was a fun and relaxed way to start the season with a hoon around our favourite paddock in Sefton. Competition was hot with many people charging hard to catch up after coping penalties for not quite following the course correctly of hitting cones. Gary Hawkes was one such competitor and drove hard to grab the victory from Brendan Marshall. Check out the photos and results. Read more...


11 Feb 2015

AGM Prizegiving

AGM Prizegiving

Thanks to all of those who attended our AGM Prizegiving and helped to elect our new committee and wish outgoing members well. A huge thanks to Andrea Summerfield who is standing down from Treasury, for all of her guidance, support and wealth of knowledge that she has brought to our club and thanks also to Rodney Lang who has sold his car but think he will be back in the seat soon. We welcome Jamie Clapperton into the Tresaurer's role and Nigel Tyson on as a committee member. Read more...





06 Feb 2015

2015 Events Calendar

Events Calendar 2015

Our 2015 Events Calendar is out now with some great events to look forward to. There has been some changes already due to factors outside of our control. Keep coming back to check for the latest updates. Read more...


30 Nov 2014

Grass Autocross #2

Racing around a paddock in the sunshine was a great way to finish the year at our last event of 2014. The entry list was full of family members with many wives, partners, daughters and sons sharing cars which added to the excitement and fun rivalry. Congrats to Gary Hawkes for taking 1st Overall. Check out the photos and article. Read more...


2 Nov 2014

Some drivers daunted by Mt Alexander

Mt Alexander Gravel Sprint 2014

The 2014 running of the Mt Alexandra Gravel Sprint in North Canterbury provided this year’s last chance for a skid for many, and a shake down for the Silver Fern Rally for one. It provides a varied sweeping road with some fast bits, a couple of surprise tight rights, several dry fords and a significant climb at the end. Check out photos, results and article. Read more...


6 Sep 2014

Royce Watson Memorial Hanmer Rally Supported By Stadium Cars

Royce Watson Memorial Hanmer Rally 2014

It was the event we were all waiting for, the Royce Watson Memorial Hanmer Rally Supported By Stadium Cars. This rally was huge and what a great way to pay tribute to our dear friend Royce who lost his life at last years Hanmer Rally. This year it was 78 km’s of special stages and approx 70 km’s of touring. Go to ChrisSport.co.nz for results. For Photos and Video go to our gallery. Read more...


Targa Rally 20th Anniversary South Island 6 Day 27 Oct

Targa NZ 2014

Targa still needs help with running the big 20th Anniversary South Island rally from the 27th October to the 1st November. Here's a message from them:

To date we have had an excellent response from competitors and it is looking likely that we will have in excess of 200 competitors on the start line. We have been fortunate to also receive a large amount of support from the local communities that the event travels through, but there are still a number of positions that we need to fill that may be of interest to your car club members. Currently we are looking to fill the following roles: · Stage Start Timing Crews (teams of 5 or a team of 2 and a team of 3) · Stage Finish Timing Crews (team of 6 or two teams of 3) · Stage Marshals · Arrows Out Team · Arrows In Team

I would be more than happy to discuss this with you further and to look at ways that your car club could be involved with Targa NZ. Once again I thank you for your assistance with this as we look forward to bringing Targa NZ – the Ultimate Road Race to the South Island.

Regards Gary Upson - Operations Manager 021 242 9495 09 298 8322 targa.co.nz


Cust hard in the rain

Richard Baddock winner of the 2014 Cust Sprint

Rain made life difficult at the Cust sprint. A 4 km bit of gravel that had not been used by since the 1990’s awaited 32 drivers. Bravery would be required as you decided whether to hit the kinks at 150 km/h or more. Richard Baddock came away with 1st overall. Read more...



Lone Star Rally of Canterbury 2014

31 May & 01 Jun 2014

Lone Star Rally of Canterbury

Canterbury Rally 2013 Winner Chris West Rallying in the dark RETURNED! The Lone Star Rally of Canterbury is the third round of the 2014 NZ Rally Champs. Richard and Sara Mason showed their class again taking out 1st overall. The route consisted of 2 forest stages run twice and 4 public road stages in the north Canterbury area with a SS distance of approx. 153 km and touring of 378 km. Read more...

Canterbury Rally 2014 Schedule

Spectator Map, Schedule & Preliminary Start List

Canterbury Rally 2014 MapNZ Rally Championship 2014The Lone Star Rally of Canterbury is a round of the 2014 NZ Rally Championship.





go to ChrisSport.org.nz



04 May 2014

World Champ shakes down at Rakaia Zig Zag Sprint

Ross Teesdale at the 2014 Rakaia Zig Zag Gravel SprintThirty drivers turned out for the 2014 Rakaia Zig Zag Rd Sprint. Among the field was 2011 PWRC World Champion Hayden Paddon who finished 2nd in class. There were close battles right through the field. Mike Tall took the overall win by 1.5sec, Ross Teesdale was stoked to win class 3 by 3sec from Paddon, Hamish Anderson won class 2 by 0.8sec and Graham Wilson won class 1 by 0.6sec. Unfortunately David Fahey's Mk1 Escort was badly damaged on the last corner. Read more...


07 Apr 2014

Toast and Roast Krusty

Glenn Buist aka KrustyThe Toast and Roast of Glenn Buist aka Krusty at the Running Bull Bar was a great night. We celebrated another Canterbury Motorsport personality with a bunch of guest speakers who told some truly hilarious stories of Krusty. We will never look at him the same way again. Read more...

30 Mar 2014

Drivers like it fast at Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint

Matt Jansen at Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint 2014 With close to 9 km’s of smooth gravel, three bridges, some fast straights and several high speed blind brows, Auchenflower Rd provided a real challenge for drivers and cars. Matt Jansen was the man to beat on the day. Read more...


23 Feb 2014

Sefton Autocross

Autox Sefton Another fun day ploughing the grass at our usual paddock in Sefton at our first Autocross for 2014. Josh Mitchell was a man on a misson, taking out 1st overall. Read more...


26 Jan 2014

Bravery required at Hillclimb Champs

2014 Pipers Valley Rd Gravel Hillclimb Our first event for 2014, Pipers Valley Rd Gravel Hillclimb was a round of the Motorsport NZ Hillclimb Championship. It's 4km of sweet Canterbury gravel. Well done to Mike Tall who took out 1st Overall. Class and Overall Results are availableRead more...

15th Dec 2013

Sefton Autocross #2


Our last event for the year. More grass-churning, mud-slinging action. It was at our usual paddock in Sefton. Congratulations to Matt Penrose for taking out 1st Overall. Click on the photo for Results. Read more...

24th Nov 2013

Sefton Autocross #1

It was a hot day at our usual paddock in Sefton. Congratulations to Paul Cox for finishing 1st Overall in his Toyota MR2. Click on the photo for Results. For those who didn't make it, remember Autocross' are only $20, cars MUST have WOF & Rego or Motorsport logbook. Read more...

10th Nov 2013

Massacre at Mt Alexander Gravel Sprint

Matt Summerfield winner of Mt Alexander Gravel Sprint 2013

An old favourite Mt Alexander Gravel Sprint was the scene of a massacre in 2013 - a massacre of egos. A whole bunch of noted drivers were among the 32 teams taking the start. At the front it would be a three way battle between NZRC drivers. In the end Matt Summerfield  took out top spot by a monster 4 seconds. Read more...

10th Nov 2013

Zig Zag gravel action at Rakaia Gravel Sprint

Matt Jansen Winner of the Rakaia Zig Zag Gravel Sprint 2013

Another of our regular roads we love to race. It's 2.5km of tight, twisty, uphill banked corners opening up to a fast finish.
Results and photos are now available. Yet another awesome day in the rain! Well done to our winners Matt Jansen 1st Overall, Graham Wilson 1st Class 1 0-1300cc, David Fahey 1st Class 2 1301-1600cc, Ross Teesdale 1st Class 3 1601+cc and Richard Baddock Class 4 4WD.  Read more...


10th & 11th August 2013

Stadium Cars VINZ Canterbury Rally

Stadium Cars & VINZ

Canterbury Rally 2013 Winner Chris West

Timaru's Chris West wins the Stadium Cars VINZ Rally of Canterbury set in the Ashley and Okuku Forests with the ceremonial start and finish at the Palms Mall in Shirley, Christchurch. It was Round 4 of the National Rally Championship this year so there was a lot of coverage of the drivers and roads. Congratulations to all the other winners and finishers. It was an exciting rally filled with drama with 14 out of the 55 starters withdraw.

NZ Rally Championship 2013

Saturday it was great to see all the cars assembled at The Palms Mall in Shirley. The top drivers signed posters whilst the crowd enjoyed all the competing cars on display in the car park. The first car left the start ramp at 4pm, with all the cars being flagged way at one minute intervals. Sunday saw the Rally based out of the Rangiora town centre. Cars left from the main street, to race in theAshley and Okuku Forests, then return for service and repair to the car park area near the Rangiora Fire Station. Back at the Palms on Sunday the winners were greeted across the finish ramp. Read more...

16 June 2013

Rain can’t dampen enthusiasm at Ram Paddock Rd Sprint

Ram Paddock Rd Gravel Sprint 2013

What an awesome day in the mud! Fun was had by all. What a fantastic road. Check out the results. Check out the photos in the gallery. Read all about it in the article. Well done to our winners Matt Jansen 1st Overall, Taylor Jansen 1st Class A 0-1300cc, Josh Marston 1st Class B 1301-1600cc, Ross Teesdale 1st Class C 2WD 1601+ and Richard Baddock Class D 4WD. Read more...


13 May 2013

Hanmer Rally


The saddest thing to happen at an event is when someone has a serious crash and  they are killed doing something that they enjoy. We have lost a great Rally competitor and a great friend. Royce has been in the sport for many years and has helped many people on the way. The Autosport Club extends its sympathy to the Family of Royce and also friends .

Here are the funeral details for Royce: 

FRIDAY 17th - Service at Riccarton race course, ChCh, 10.30am. Royce will then make the journey home to Nelson, where he will be laid to rest. 

MONDAY 20th - Nelson

Graham Wilson -Club President


23 Apr 2013

Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint makes a splash

Wet weather provided an extra challenge for the 30 car field at the recent Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint put on by
Canterbury’s Autosport Club. Standing water on the inside of the corners, some slippery clay sections and three very slippery wooden bridges all added to the challenge along the 9.5km sprint course. Read more...

21 Apr 2013

Pipers Valley Rd Gravel Hillclimb was darn hot

Stu Weeber Winner of Piper Valley Rd Gravel Hillclimb 2013 Here's the corrected results and an article looking back at what was a fantastic Piper Valley Rd Gravel Hillclimb, a round of the MSNZ National Hillclimb Championship. It was hot alright, too darn hot. As Canterbury enjoyed another 30 degree day the effect in the windless Piper Valley was sweltering heat. Read more...


08 Apr 2013

Otago Rally epic battles right through the field

Congratulations to all who went to the 20th consecutive  Otago Rally. Great to see NZ's top drivers battle it out. What a spectical it was to watch the Classics and Allcomers with some in the top ten Overall! There were epic battles right through the field. It was a weekend full of ups and downs (literally for some) as massive 28 competitors either crashed out or had mechanical problems. Nobody was seriously injured thankfully and most had a fun weekend regardless. Read more at www.otagorally.net

  • 10 Jul - Grass Autocross #3
  • 14 Aug - Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint
  • 11 May - Toast & Roast Graham Wilson
  • 3 Sep - Hanmer Rally
  • 2 Oct - Mt Thomas Gravel Sprint
  • 06 Nov - Kaiwara Rd Gravel Sprint
  • 20 Nov - Grass Autocross #4