18 Aug - Cust Gravel Sprint

Description: 18 Aug - Cust Gravel Sprint

Date: 18/08/2019

It was a great day in the sunshine racing on the gravel with 33 drivers skidding sideways. Congratulations to David Clearwater (Evo 4) for winning 1st overall, our class winners; class 1 0-1300cc Chris Herdman (Starlet), class 2 1301- 1600cc David Fahey (Escort), class 3 1601+cc Rob "Groove" McCallum (Escort).

With long straights at this event we've utilized a split timing beam to give drivers an interesting perspective on the effectiveness of their efforts within the first 400m from the standing start.

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David Clearwater

David Clearwater winner of the 2019 Cust Gravel Sprint.