18 May - Mt Alexander Day Night Gravel Sprint

Description: 18 May - Mt Alexander Day Night Gravel Sprint

Date: 18/05/2019

It was great to have the rare chance to race one of our favourite, tricky gravel roads in the day and night time. It was a perfect opportunity to setup lights for Canterbury Rally which will have two night stages. Sean Haggerty (WRX) takes away his first ever overall win from Mike Tall (Mirage) by going fastest in both night and day.

The course is approximately 4.5 km of undulating gravel road, with a hard base. The first half of the course is relatively open with a very long straight, two small fords and a bridge crossing, the course then becomes twisty and along the side of a creek, then into a sweeping uphill section to the finish.

For the Autosport Club Sprint Championship only the day runs count.

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Congratulations to Sean Haggerty (WRX) for taking out his first ever overall win!