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Hanmer Rally 2014

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Rakaia Zig Zag Gravel Sprint 2014

Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint 2014







  • Rakaia Zig Zag Gravel Sprint 6th Mar 2016 (316 photos)

    Congratulations to Job Quantock in his Evo 7 for taking out the win overall on the last run by 0.4 seconds from a rapid Matt Penrose in his Ex-Trevor Crowe WRX. Well done to our class winners Chris Herdman Starlet 0-1300cc, David Fahey Escort 1301-1600cc and Wade Henshaw RX7 1601cc+
  • AGM Prize Giving 17th Feb 2016 (14 photos)

    We welcome Les Summerfield to the committee and say thanks to Chris Herdman for stepping up for the role of vice-president. 2016 will be Graham Wilson's 10th year at the helm and what a fantastic job he does, putting in huge volunteer hours. Congrats again to all our club champions for the 2015 season.
  • Autocross #1 Okuku 14th Feb 2016 (17 photos)

    A great start to 2016 with our first event, a return to the Okuku Autocross paddock with 31 entries! It was a hot and dusty day with a very fast and flowing course. Very competitive times across the whole field made it a tense battle, great fun!
  • Autocross #4 Okuku 22nd Nov 2015 (23 photos)

    It was a very dusty last event for the 2015 season at the Okuku autocross. A huge field of 33 competitors lined up to have a skid on the grass, some were long-time, experienced members and others were having a go at driving a car for the very first time! Fun was had by all. Congratulations to Chris Herdman who beat...
  • Mt Thomas Gravel Sprint 8th Nov 2015 (28 photos)

    A great piece of 4km forestry road, Mt Thomas was an awesome, last sprint for the season. A new piece of road was used compared to previous years so it was an even playing field and exciting to watch the times tumble and the battles heat up. Congratulations to Mike Tall for taking out 1st overall, Gary Hawkes 1st 4WD class...
  • Autocross #3 21st Jun 2015 (45 photos)

    Our third Autocross for the 2015 season. Damp, patchy conditions made it tough to pick good lines and braking points. Many drivers got unstuck and made mistakes. Mike Pentecost drove calm and clean to take a well deserved 1st place overall in his immaculate works-replica Mini, leaving some embarrassed modern 4WD's in his wake.
  • Lone Star Canterbury Rally 30/31 May 2015 (567 photos)

    Round 3 of the 2015 NZ Rally Championship, the 2015 Lone Star Canterbury Rally on the 30th/31st of May comprised of ten special stages over 171km in the Ashley and Okuku Forests.
  • Onepunga Rd Gravel Sprint 17th May 2015 (209 photos)

    Another great road near Waipara, Onepunga Rd was our second gravel sprint for the season and was a great opportunity for teams to test their machines before the Lone Star Canterbury Rally. Onepunga Rd is 3.7km of awesome north Canterbury gravel. Congratulations to overall winner Mike Tall and our class winners; Chris Herdman winner of class 1 (0-1300cc), Brent Buist winner...
  • Ram Paddock Rd Gravel Sprint 26 Apr 2015 (331 photos)

    It's a wicked 7km sprint that includes a bunch of high speed brows and corners at the start and is followed by some twisty hill country with great views and some big drops, then opens up again towards the finish. Congratulations to Matt Summerfield overall winner, Chris Herdman first in class 1 (0-1300cc), Brent Buist winner of class 2 (1301-1600cc), Ross...
  • Autocross #1 8th Mar 2015 (47 photos)

    It was a fun and relaxed way to start the season with a hoon around our favourite paddock in Sefton. A field of 24 competitors came to score points for their respective car clubs as it was round 1 of the 2015 Interclub Championships
  • Autocross #2 30th Nov 2014 (33 photos)

    Racing around a paddock in the sunshine was a great way to finish the year at our last event of 2014, the Sefton Autocross #2 30th Nov.
  • Mt Alexander Gravel Sprint 02 Nov 2014 (173 photos)

    An old favourite Mt Alexander Rd Gravel Sprint, 4.5km of fast flowing public road with two concrete fords and lots of gate posts to avoid!
  • Royce Watson Memorial Hanmer Rally 6th Sep 2014 Supported By Stadium Cars (354 photos)

    It was a special event, a great way to pay tribute to our dear friend Royce who lost his life at last years Hanmer Rally.
  • Cust Sprint 3rd Aug 2014 (176 photos)

    4 km bit of gravel that had not been used by since the 1990’s awaited 32 drivers. Bravery would be required as you decided whether to hit the kinks at 150 km/h or more. Richard Baddock came away with 1st overall.
  • Lone Star Rally of Canterbury 31 May - 01 Jun (408 photos)

    Round 3 of the 2014 NZ Rally Champs. The route included 2 forest stages run twice and 4 public road stages in the north Canterbury area with a SS distance of approx. 153 km and touring of 378 km.
  • Rakaia Zig Zag Gravel Sprint 04 May 2014 (185 photos)

    2.5km of tight, twisty, uphill banked corners overlooking the Rakaia Gorge
  • Auchenflower Rd Gravel Sprint 30 Mar 2014 (164 photos)

    9 km’s of smooth gravel, three bridges, some fast straights and several high speed blind brows.
  • Pipers Valley Rd Gravel Hillclimb 26 Jan 2014 (137 photos)

    Day 2, South Island Qualifying Round 1 of the 2014 NZ Hillclimb Championship
  • Mt Alexander Gravel Sprint 10 Nov 2013 (127 photos)

    An old favourite, 4.5km of fast flowing public road.
  • Rakaia Zig Zag Gravel Sprint 22 Sep 2013 (157 photos)

    2.5km of tight, twisty, uphill banked corners overlooking the Rakaia Gorge
  • Stadium Cars VINZ Canterbury Rally 10/11 Aug 2013 (150 photos)

    Round 4 of the 2013 National Rally Championship featuring 144km of Special Stage racing and 55 teams competing.
  • Ram Paddock Rd Gravel Sprint 16 Jun 2013 (102 photos)

    7.6km of awesome public Canterbury gravel north west of Amberly
  • Mt Thomas Sprint 25 Nov 2012 (35 photos)

    3km of fantanstic Canterbury forestry road
  • Onepunga Rd Sprint 20 May 2012 (64 photos)

    4.5 km gravel sprint situated west of Amberly
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